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At Divorce Jigsaw we believe that there is another approach to divorce & separation.

Divorce and separation is so often a traumatic and difficult time for couples and their children. Things can quickly feel out of control and conflicts can intensify and turn toxic, damaging parents and children alike.

We believe that there is another way to divorce, one that avoids the toll of contested court proceedings, both in terms of costs and emotional upheaval, and yet acknowledges the significance of this major life change with all that it entails. Divorce Jigsaw is a truly specialist mediation practice.

Why Choose Mediation

Family Mediation is an alternative to court proceedings for solving issues relating to separation, finance and parenting arrangements.

It’s generally a much cheaper and faster process than the courts can offer and provides a way of helping you reach agreements which take account of all your needs, concerns and interests, and not just the legal process.

Mediation is a client led and solution focused process by which you can make decisions about your own and your children’s future with the help of an impartial third party. It is increasingly expected before considering issuing court proceedings and is often now raised throughout the court process itself.

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Our Mediation Services

Mediation provides an opportunity to resolve issues in a constructive and cost effective way, keeping conflict to a minimum and allowing joint solutions to be reached.

It can be quicker, cheaper and kinder than litigation which can feel conflictual and adversarial in comparison.

The end of a relationship is never easy. Divorce and Separation leave so many practicalities to resolve. And then there is the paramount concern of the children. It can be a difficult and distressing time. We will do everything we can to find an outcome that works for you and your family in a way that keeps both the emotional and financial costs to a minimum. Whether married, unmarried or in a same sex relationship, we can provide you with tailored and cost effective options to consider at this time of uncertainty.
Whether married or unmarried, Jigsaw can help you help your children at this time of change. With significant past experience in this field, including the representation of children themselves within the court process, we can provide support and guidance on parenting time arrangements and a range of other child related concerns including Grandparental issues and wider family matters.
Liz is qualified to consult directly with children in mediation if this is needed.
Many divorcing couples can agree a financial settlement without the need for contested court proceedings and the significant costs that result. We can help you find a solution that suits the individual needs of your family and the resources involved.
The sharing of pensions in divorce or civil partnership dissolution is a highly complex area and one where specialist help is greatly advisable – it is not unusual, for instance, for the pension fund of one spouse to be the most valuable asset of the marriage.

It is critical that the implications of this are fully understood for both as to ignore them can lead to unfair settlements and significant financial prejudice upon retirement. Where necessary, we can seek further input in the form of specialist pension advice from Resolution accredited experts to assist you in exploring the options available and in making informed decisions.

The division of business assets in a way that does not severely prejudice the long term success of the business can often be a challenging area within any settlement discussion. Jigsaw have a background in dealing with complex business matters drawing upon additional advice as required in the fields of tax and valuations.
If you are living together and your relationship ends, you can still use mediation to resolve matters, whether this affects your children’s arrangements, your home or your savings. Since the legal position surrounding unmarried couples finances is different from that where couples are married, early advice is essential.

Why Choose Divorce Jigsaw

Divorce Jigsaw is headed up by Accredited Mediator Liz Tait, a specialist family solicitor of over 30 years experience (now non practising). Liz is a regular speaker and trainer in dispute resolution. Liz has been providing online mediation since 2012 and is a leader in this field, having helped hundreds of clients across a wide range of family disputes.

Now offering online mediation nationally and internationally as well as face to face mediation in the North West, Divorce Jigsaw is listed on the Family Mediation Council website as a provider of the Family MIAM.

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Client Feedback

“Liz Tait helped me see clearly through my divorce proceedings. Her company name is very apt as we put the pieces of the jigsaw together to get to a final outcome. My divorce was quite complicated, and I developed cancer whilst proceedings were ongoing. The first person to call me to see how I was after my surgery, was Liz. That tells you the sort of person you are dealing with. She is compassionate and levelheaded. She tells you the truth as it is and I trust her judgement impeccably. The final outcome is that I am extremely happy in my new life and this is in great part down to Liz”.

“With grateful thanks for the tremendous help & guidance you provided through a difficult & painful period. Your professionalism & calming manner made the whole process easier for both parties. I would certainly recommend your service to all.”

“This alternative process has already and will in future make such a big difference in the quality of our lives and relationships with our children – thank you.”

“I would like to thank you for today. You being there made things much easier for me to gain confidence to communicate in an easy manner. I hope from today’s meeting we both improve as a partnership and develop a respectful unit for the children. One step at a time is the key. Once again Liz I am very grateful for your time and all your support.”

“Liz has everything I could hope for in a mediator: she is imaginative, thoughtful, empathetic, resourceful, expert, and above all, funny! One of the most important pieces in the Jigsaw.”
“I would very much like to thank you for your kindness, direction and patience in this extremely difficult situation.”
“Thank you for your time and effort. You have been a great help and made things much easier for us both than they otherwise would have been.”

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