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Online Mediation

We are one of the few specialist mediation legal practices offering online mediation as well as face to face mediation. Based in the North West of England, through online mediation, we can now mediate your matter over Skype or Zoom without you having to attend one of our office bases.

Divorce Jigsaw has become increasingly interested in this field as one of the challenges of mediating family matters is getting the participants and the mediator together - particularly where one, or perhaps both, are not local or maybe due to working or child care commitments.

One way of getting over this hurdle is by using one of the many information and communication technologies that are available these days. Quick and easy to arrange, on line mediation can prove very convenient as mediations can be arranged at a time to suit you as the parties.

If you are interested in exploring how online mediation might assist you resolve your matter please contact us to explore further without obligation.

Divorce Jigsaw is authorised and accredited by the Family Mediation Council.

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