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Family Mediation is:

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How does Family Mediation work?

VideoFirst you will come to an Assessment meeting to find out more and to decide if mediation might be the right process for you. This is usually something you do on your own,( a separate assessment meeting), but some people do come together, (a joint assessment meeting).

If you both decide to go ahead with mediation, a convenient appointment time will be made for the first session. Each session usually lasts around 90 minutes and on average the process takes between 3 and 5 sessions.

At the first session we help you to set an agenda for what you both want to achieve and start to explore the options.

Sometimes mediators work on their own, sometimes in pairs, which is called co-mediation.

The cost of mediation is usually paid for at the beginning of each session. Payments can be made by card or cheque. 

At the end of (and sometimes during) the process, you and your solicitors are sent details of the proposals you have made together so they can then be easily and quickly turned into documents required to make your proposals legally binding.

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"People often find themselves involved in court actions when their disagreements might be better resolved between themselves at a much earlier stage and with a more satisfactory outcome, through processes such as mediation rather than the “winner takes all“ approach offered by litigation."

Jonathan Djangoly MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Ministry of Justice

"When we face serious family problems, we still usually say to ourselves 'I must find a solicitor'. But in many (though not all) cases we would do better to say 'we must find a mediator."

Lord Wilson of Culworth, Supreme Court

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