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Family Mediation Manchester

If you are looking for divorce family mediation in Manchester, look no further.

Family Mediation in Manchester

Divorce and separation can feel a traumatic and challenging time for couples and their children.

But there are ways to mitigate the difficulties. And the process you choose to help you disentangle is key. Here at Divorce Jigsaw, I believe that there is more than one way to divorce, and that it is possible to avoid the toll of court proceedings, both in terms of costs and emotional upheaval, whilst acknowledging the significance of this major life change with all that it entails.

Litigation tends to focus on past wrongs and grievances. Mediation on the other hand focus on the present and the future and encourage you to look forwards. Whilst not suitable for everyone, it is frequently quicker, cheaper and more amicable than the court based alternative.

To find out more about how these processes may help you in your separation please contact Liz on 07908 917 999.

"Divorce poison must be left in the bottle. Children deserve no less."

Richard Warshak

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