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A Guide to Costs – to help you budget

There are no hidden costs/ no overcharging. Divorce Jigsaw is an independent practice and offers a service that is exceptional value for money. We combine 30 years family law experience with specialist mediation skill sets. Whatever you want help with, whether divorce, separation, finances or parenting fixed sessional prices on 'pay as you go' terms are available and you will know at every stage how much it will cost. And we're mobile too and see clients throughout the North West and online.


The total price will depend on the nature of the work you ask us to help you with, as well as your budget. Most matters tend to need at least two meetings. Few will ever need more than five. Jigsaw’s average for last year was 3 two hour meetings to resolve the matter. Most matters can be sorted out with the help of one mediator; others may require two or some specialist input such as pension expertise or business valuations. Some may involve direct consultation with children which we can explore with you if helpful.


Costs Guidance

In these hard pressed times, few, if any, families have money to spare on legal fees for separation and divorce. We recognise that clients’ seek value for money and that every penny counts when financial resources have to stretch two ways. This is why we focus on mediation; because it leaves you in control of the outcome and is invariably cheaper, quicker and almost universally less stressful than the traditional convention of going to court.

We appreciate that all families are unique and that total costs will depend upon the complexity of the case: how easy or otherwise each couple finds it to reach their compromise solution.

Family Mediation

What does mediation cost at Divorce Jigsaw?

Divorce Jigsaw is a private mediation service. If you believe you may be eligible for legal aid you can check by accessing the legal aid calculator here

What's a Separate Assessment Meeting?

This is the initial mediation information and assessment meeting where we will meet and we will explain the mediation process. It gives us together the opportunity to assess whether mediation is the right way forward for you and whether your matter is suitable for mediation. A separate assessment meeting takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour and costs £120. The appointment will take place on your own. Following your appointment you can decide whether you wish to proceed with mediation. If you feel it is not the right process for you we will then supply a FM1 form which is the form you can provide to the Court or solicitor to prove you have attended a mediation information and assessment meeting, otherwise known as a MIAM.

What's a Joint Assessment Meeting?

This is similar to a separate assessment meeting, but you come to the meeting together and agree to receive the information regarding mediation in the same room. This usually takes around an hour to an hour and a half. However, you will see us separately for 10-15 minutes to begin with just to make sure you are both happy to sit together. If after hearing about mediation you would both like to proceed, we usually allow an extra 30 minutes so you can start straight away. A joint assessment meeting costs £90 each (£180 for both).

Mediation sessions

Normally I schedule one and a half hours for each session. However sometimes sessions finish earlier, and you will only be charged for the time taken. Sometimes, it is helpful to continue for 2 hours where progress is being made and we will check this with you at the MIAM and on an ongoing basis and if you both wish to have a longer session we can do so. Most matters tend to need at least two meetings. Few will need more than five.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

We do not charge extra for simple letters or telephone calls. If a Summary of Proposals or Open Financial Summary is prepared then we would charge each person an hour extra for the preparation of each of these documents.

We want to reassure you that there are no other hidden costs and you will not receive a large bill at any point during the mediation process. Payment is made at the beginning of each meeting as people usually find this helpful for budgeting purposes.

The overall cost is significantly less than going to court and payment can be made by debit or credit card or cash or bank transfer.

If you have any questions, on costs or anything else, please ask. We are here to help.

Divorce Jigsaw is authorised and accredited by the Family Mediation Council.

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