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About Liz Tait

I have specialised in family law and mediation in all its forms since 1990 and am wholly committed to alternative dispute resolution models. This commitment is borne out of the belief, coupled with extensive experience, that litigation does not provide the best option for the majority of separating families and their children and indeed, for many, it can prove crippling, both emotionally and financially.

With over 30 years experience as a solicitor at two premier northwest firms, I have acquired a reputation as a skilled negotiator and an expert in the field of mediation.

I am wholly committed to helping separating and divorcing clients who seek to minimise conflict and achieve co operative solutions that are tailored to their unique circumstances and those of their children . I believe it is possible for couples to divorce with dignity and achieve a child focused outcome - one where everyone will be OK. I am about helping people through this transition to achieve a 'good' divorce - one that is cost effective and one that allows parents to continue being parents into the future by co-parenting their children. I am listed on the Ministry of Justice website as a provider of the Family MIAM.

I am trained to consult with children and for many years represented children in court proceedings as a member of the Law Society's Children Panel.

My practice is client based on four core values:

I will do my utmost to help you reach an outcome that is agreed and avoids court proceedings saving you time and money and that enables you and your family to move forward.

"Partnership and co-operation is not a choice: it is the only way to advance our common humanity."

Barack Obama

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